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"Elizabeth Madrigal, Woman on the Good Side, is more than an expert grant writer for us. She is a friend and part of our Odyssey World International Education Services Family. We are always humbled and honored by her ability to write grants that align with our mission, values, and work.  She writes with care, compassion, truth, and impact.  We would not be able to expand our work and scope without her help.  She writes from her heart for people who serve others with their hearts.   Her impeccable attention to detail, writing skills, years of experience, and knowledge of our community make her the best in the grant writing arena. If your business, non-profit, or organization is looking for someone who has a proven successful track record, we highly recommend Elizabeth." 

~ Karen Morrison, Executive Director, Odyssey World International Education Services, www.odysseyworld.org

"If you become her client you should feel honored. Elizabeth will not write a grant for an organization she does not believe in. She will listen and ask questions. When she feels she understands you, she will write a grant very few turn down. When the NAACP of Vancouver started consulting with Elizabeth we had about $2000 in our Bank Account. We talked to her about our vision and mission, and over three years she has written close to half a million dollars of successful grants for our organization. We have $340,000 in our account this month. Not only has she helped us with grants but has given us advice, created documents, timesheets, contracts and community contacts that helped us triple our membership. Her knowledge of Non-Profits is extensive. She will be a vital asset to your organization, if you are lucky enough to be chosen." 

~ Bridgette Fahnbuleh, Former President of the NAACP of Vancouver, Washington, www.naacpvancouverwa.org/

"Elizabeth stepped up to write a critical grant for our organization that was substantially larger than any we had received previously. Her ability to capture the importance of our work, the need for financial assistance and the reason that we were the right fit for the grant amazed me. And it resulted in us receiving a grant that was five times larger than any we had received in the past. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth and appreciate all she has done for our organization." 

~ Julia Canell, Executive Director, Airway Science for Kids, Portland, Oregon, www.airsci.org/