I believe all people should feel welcome, safe, accepted, have equitable access to opportunity and be able to live their lives with dignity regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family structure or differing abilities. I view equity as a legal, moral, economic and health imperative. My commitment to equity is based on fundamental beliefs. We all share responsibility for community-building and care. The greatness of a society is judged on its commitment and success in caring for its people.
In the United States this requires accepting responsibility for those who have historically been oppressed. It also requires special recognition for the people and communities who continue to suffer inequities as a result of these oppressive legacies. My list includes but is not limited to: 
  • Our Indigenous peoples as descendants of the ancestral caretakers of these lands; ancestors who experienced unspeakable suffering during colonization, were forced to vacate their territories, were cheated through guile and broken treaties and today continue to struggle for tribal recognition and rights.
  • Our people of African descent whose ancestors were kidnapped, horrifically enslaved, deprived of freedom for generations and then systematically disenfranchised, post-emancipation, by our government through policies like redlining and eminent domain. 
  • Our women, people who continue to struggle for freedom over their bodies, equal pay and effective protection from a continuing plague of domestic violence. 

Over the last 30 years my work with clients, partners, government entities, community activists and as a volunteer has been in support of:

  • Civic engagement, citizen responsibility and voter education
  • Humanitarian and other assistance for immigrants and refugees
  • Meaningful support for those experiencing housing and food insecurity
  • Women's maternal supports, education and equal legal rights
  • Indigenous, ethnic, city, and rural Arts programs and events
  • Human rights to equitable healthcare access and services
  • Equality for BIPOC and other marginalized people
  • Marriage, military and social equality for the LGBTQ+I community
  • Environmental protection, sustainability and conservation
  • Support for pre-K, K-12, student enrichment, college, trade and technical education
  • Social and racial justice in all iterations