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Today's leadership requires creativity, endurance and risk-taking. That's completely your area and I would not attempt to interfere. However, in an era of business climate change, organizations need to do more than verbalize their values on a website.
Human capital gives your enterprise its competitive edge, so protect those assets from poachers, unnecessary frustration and burnout. Today's best talent expects management quality, decent benefits, fair pay, respectful treatment and a fulfilling work experience. (All the others on your staff do as well.)
A trail of skilled employees finding new homes could indicate a toxic manager on the loose. (98% of employees report having experienced one at work.) If you are losing your younger workers, there may be a benefits package deficiency that you think is insignificant, but matters to them. Challenged employees may avoid the boredom sinkhole, but when does too much challenge without enough support become overwhelming and drive down morale?
Yes, then there is YOU. If your leadership and presence have sagged, are you receptive to that information? Are you ready to innovate, adapt and dominate the future, or merely survive with a few business limbs intact? Contact me for the free report, Authentic Actions Affecting & Enhancing Reputation.
Confidential assessments available for management and concerned staff.