I am Elizabeth Madrigal, owner of Woman on the Good Side. My professional life has been one of creativity, dedication, passion and entrepreneurial impulse, fortified by a New England work ethic. My background includes extensive business ownership and broad nonprofit experience. Long ago I made the choice to focus on doing the right thing. In retrospect, it was actually the "easy" way, though at times it seemed difficult. Ask me about a complimentary organizational survey and I will show you how we might do more good together. Yes, you will still make money (and meet or exceed your development goals) and you'll be proud of how you did!


        Let's upgrade your organization's messaging and practices and put you on the "Best Places to Work" list. How? Freeing your management by gifting staff the most progressive tools and implementing the most empowering employment policies. If you are courageous in this meaningful way, you will witness flourishing productivity, embolden emerging talent, foster greater creativity and be thrilled by the rampant enthusiasm expressed by your team. Wouldn't you rather:

  • Manage outcomes not clock hours?
  • Implement flexibility to enhance operations?
  • Gain employee loyalty and respect?

There is a complex but simple solution. Be a better human and you will be a better boss.  Let us help you live your values with great leadership and renewed purpose. Who knows? Future generations may sing your name when they inherit a better world. What will you get in reciprocation? Results.