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THE ENVIRONMENTAL ROI: Reducing organizational costs - rent, supplies, furniture, utilities and more - is a huge plus for any business, but the environmental ROI of a virtual office has other, tangible benefits for the environment. Whether your firm is a non or for profit organization, reducing environmental pollution is an honorable and important way to lead others. The next seven generations will thank you.

EMPLOYERS: Virtual offices and remote working arrangements are magnificent models for creating a compelling and balanced worklife. These coveted employee benefits attract and retain the best talent globally and locally. Beyond the financial benefits to organizations and employees, offering remote options increases productivity in the range of 12% to 20%. Stay competitive by implementing a remote working policy. I know what it takes to set up a virtual environment and how to prepare your managers. Ask us about our free Remote Work Employee Survey.

EMPLOYEES:  You love your job but hate your commute? We understand. I would venture that if you could work remotely - full or even part time - this might inspire you to to increase your productivity substantially and ramp up the loyalty you feel toward your employer.  Awkward to share these thoughts with an employer, but I suspect in exchange you would be delighted to attend occasional in-person or online meetings, maintain a detailed timesheet and ensure that your employer got the very best work product from you.