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THE ENVIRONMENTAL ROI: Reducing organizational costs - rent, supplies, furniture, utilities and more - is a huge plus for any business. Any even bigger one is the environmental ROI of a virtual office. Reducing environmental impact is an honorable and important way to lead others. The next seven generations will thank you.  Contact me.

EMPLOYERS: Virtual offices and remote working arrangements are magnificent models for creating a compelling and balanced worklife. These coveted employee benefits attract and retain the best talent globally and locally. Stay competitive by implementing a remote working policy. I know what it takes to set up a virtual environment and how to prepare your managers. Ask me about our free Remote Work Employee Survey.

EMPLOYEES:  Love your job? Hate your commute? We understand. If you could work remotely - full or even part time - how happy would you be? Statistically it would increase your productivity substantially (ave. 20%) and ramp up your  company loyalty. Awkward to share these thoughts with an employer, so send them this link. I'll make your case and document the benefits for them.