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MY STORY: The town of Madrigal del Monte, Spain, (pop. 209) pictured here, played a prominent role in my husband's origin story. In my tree I tracked down the "mystery" ancestor. Grandfather Jeremiah, of Passasmaquoddy heritage, was banned from the family after divorcing our Roman Catholic Irish grandmother! Genealogical research may start with dates and names, but it's the stories uncovered that disclose who your people were and how you ended up as you. Fair warning, however. Historical research is as likely to find a Pirate as it is a Princess. I have this on very good authority. My 10th great-grandfather was Jan Janszoon van Haarlem, the infamous Barbary pirate commonly known as Murat Reis the Younger (c. 1570 – c. 1641). Licensed by Holland to attack and plunder its enemy Spain's fleet, he began to moonlight. He later converted to Islam, and in union with Margarita (described as a "Moorish" woman), produced my 9th great-grandfather, Anthony, an early immigrant to New Amsterdam. I have plenty of stories, but wouldn't it be a lot more interesting to find your hidden family treasure? Contact me.