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CURRENT & HISTORICAL RESEARCH: Writing a serious paper but find yourself procrastinating because of the research involved? If you are dreading that time commitment, especially without the tools and subscriptions that allow unfettered access to information efficiently, give me a call. Let me research  the newspapers, historical documents and my other research databases for you. You pick the search terms -  year, subject, key words, locations, specific newspapers, individual or family names - and I'll do the work. Frankly? If you don't enjoy it, why not spend your time doing what you love?  Okay, so research is my guilty pleasure and that's why I keep my rates way too reasonable. (I'm really good at it too.)

ANCESTRY & FAMILY TREES:   This is the little town of Madrigal del Monte, Spain. We discovered and visited this picturesque gem which has a prominent place in our family's origin story in the early 1500's. I also cracked the code on my mother's grandfather, our "mystery guy." That one was a challenge, candidly. Even with a vivid imagination, privvy to the family myths and a strong awareness of cultural differences, I still had guessed wrong. I found my great-grandfather Jeremiah, and it was really exciting for the extended family. However, there are some things you may not want to know. Mine was the pirate ancestor. Why? Johnny Depp & Friends aside, there are no "good" pirates. (If there is DNA memory, my childhood obsession with my grandfather's wooden leg does make more sense now.) I'm happy to share my stories with you, but I bet you "own" some pretty fascinating ancestor stories yourself. Let me help you find your hidden treasure!