Nobody wants to perform work if the task makes that person feel incompetent. Every office has tthe self-proclaimed "not technicals," "terribles with budgets," and "desktop overloaders." Rather than arm-wrestling staff or  hiring out, why not properly train everyone? A great example is the simple keyboard  shortcut "command+F" (control+F for PCs) for the "Find" command. Of course, you know it, but there are probably several on staff who really don't. Or "command+Z." That saves the lives of children. Productivity and confidence abound once your staff learns to DOMINATE these seemingly simple tasks. Okay, I don't want to get your hopes up too high, but shouldn't everybody know how  the basics work? Cross training can be a fun "retreat" activity too. Executives and staffers switch roles for a day to work on a special project together. Not only does this exercise help management better estimate workloads and capacity, but it reduces any previously combative power dynamic and replaces it with a good dose of humility. Staff can actually be impressed by the boss on occasion too. Training makes all your people stronger and more capable and that improves any team! #educate


Restorative Management (RM) employs progressive practices and policies and teaches managers how to replace any control-and-dominate feudal holdovers  with inspired leadership.  RM teaches managers how to focus on being role models, as well as mentors, who foster excellence and productivity through the basics of restorative communication.  RM will provide managers the tools and insights needed to treat all with respect, foster staffs' ability to work with dignity and create a positive and rich working experience that benefits employees and the goals of an organization. #dontfeedtheanimals