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Please Support Updating Overtime Rules (WA) 7/19

Please support Washington’s proposal for restoring overtime protections - regardless of job duties - to salaried workers making up to $70,000 annually. Washington state law has not been updated for 43 years. (A Federal $23,330 salary threshold actually supersedes ours of $13,000.) The obfuscation surrounding this proposal has been astounding. Every salaried worker does not get a raise to $70,000. By 2026 all those paid less will be paid overtime for working overtime. Isn’t this fair? In Clark County many of us live in homes with elders, extended family obligations, and houses and barns full of animals. Parents pay for after-hours child care. There are health costs when take-out food is eaten, because of the loss of adequate meal-prep time. Shouldn’t employers asking their PEOPLE to sacrifice family and home time compensate them? Legally-earned overtime pay is a critical element of workers’ rights. Demanding employees work without compensation is a failing in moral leadership. A business with enhanced fair practices builds a more sustainable business. When employees are respected, recognized and paid for their work product, good things happen. Every employee, exempt or non-exempt, has gifts to give through their employer. Certainly this world needs all of them.  ~ Elizabeth Madrigal July 16, 2019. 


      "No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot."  

                                                                            ~ Mark Twain

Some days - and quite a few lately - it is difficult to remember that most people are essentially good. We care about our families, the environment, our character, common decency, children, human rights and all those things that make not only our country but our world amazing.  Unfortunatley, bad behavior at home and at work has become "normalized." Just for the record? I am not a Polyanna type easily mowed down with my own good intentions, nor have I perfected my behavior. However, I do know which direction I am facing. Let's bring equity and honor to the workplace through us - the employees, managers and owners. Changing our collective behavior has to be a team effort, but as importantly, each of us needs to make a choice. If you believe in fairness, you've joined the good side!