Join the Good Side

Times change, so we may take issue with the vocabulary, but the thought still rings true. 

      "No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot."  

                                                                            ~ Mark Twain

Some days - and quite a few lately - it is difficult to remember that most people are essentially good. We care about our families, the environment, our character, common decency, children, human rights and all those things that make not only our country but our world amazing.  Unfortunatley, bad behavior at home and at work has become "normalized." Just for the record? I am not a Polyanna type easily mowed down with my own good intentions, nor have I perfected my behavior. However, I do know which direction I am facing. Let's bring equity and honor to the workplace through us - the employees, managers and owners. Changing our collective behavior has to be a team effort, but as importantly, each of us needs to make a choice. If you believe in fairness, you've joined the good side!